Let’s Just Be Honest…

When I was 10, I was borderline diabetic and was in a pilot program at Group Health for children of diabetics. I went in for weekly blood tests for an entire year. At this time, I was also a swimmer so that helped me lose weight, but I was very self conscious. Soon I stopped […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #76!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Today was an eventful day!  It was my graduation ceremony day, but I was not there on campus.  Instead, I was surprised with 2 adorable little kittens to adopt.  Their names are King Puffleton and Meowloree Mayweather and they are absolutely adorable! I went for two walks, but did not […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #65

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! My legs were sore from yesterday’s Lower Body Workout! I am thrilled that my body is responding to pilates, yoga, and the fact that my workouts are body weight.  I was concerned that I would not get results since I was lifting heavy weights in the gym for 5 months. I really […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #62

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! It sure feels good to be back into a workout routine.  My mind and body appreciated the rest, but I definitely missed being active.  Traveling and not having easy access to a gym has helped me to appreciate different forms of movement.  I am also learning to appreciate home workouts […]

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We are now a quarter through the year and it looks like I will not be running a half-marathon this June.  Also, I did not end up going to the Wanderlust Yoga festival even though it is on my bucket list and it took place this past weekend literally 13 minutes away from my house… […]


Weight loss Wednesday

  Hello My Dear Darling Friends! If you have been following me for awhile (or even just a little bit) you probably know that I have been on a weight-loss journey.  This journey has been more of an overall transformation that reaches beyond the number on the scale.  I am working towards becoming the best […]

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Self-Care Sunday #3

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! How was your weekend?  I had a good weekend and took both Saturday and Sunday off from working out.  My new workout format is challenging and I am glad that I decided to rest and recover. On Saturday afternoon, my heart felt so full.  I am just a quarter and […]

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Why do we sabotage ourselves?!?! Change is scary. Change poses a huge threat to what is comfortable and familiar. Change creates a new awareness and new perspective. It can feel like you’re facing a death. You either face the death of what you just learned you want. Or you face the death of who you’ve […]

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