I have a kittens dilemma

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Most of you know that I love cats. Nearly 5 years ago we adopted our first kitten Alleyjandra.  She has brought so much joy to our lives and she cheered me on throughout my university journey. Nearly 2 years later, I almost adopted a Saint Bernard puppy…  I had the cash […]

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Sweet Escape!!!

I always knew that my little Kitty-Girl, Alleyjandra was an escape artist.  Ever since she was a tiny little kitten; she could always find her way out of the cat carrier.  That’s why her middle name is “Houdina.” Our cats have been indoor cats because there is a very busy road behind our house and […]

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Daily Prompt: VOYAGE

“Let’s go on a VOYAGE!” Nearly 3 years ago I had 2 roommates: Angela and Cookie (Chris).  Actually Angela had just found out that she was pregnant And that her mother had stage 4  cancer so she was moving to be with her mom and I was taking her spot temporarily.  It was definitely one […]

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