Daily Prompt: Argument

My ongoing argument with myself is:  “Why won’t you allow yourself to succeed?” Through the years, I have allowed the weaker side of myself to win nearly every argument. She operates out of fear.  She stresses and sweats about the small stuff.  She procrastinates when she should get to work.  She worries when she should […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #52

This is yesterday’s workout, but I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to share one of my workouts with you!  I have been waking up with Christopher for the past 3 days and it has been wonderful to get an early start. Many times, I  don’t feel like it; then I remember that […]

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I believe that we can learn a lot about a word by studying its derivation and its root.  In high school I was fascinated by word etymology which is the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. Transformation trans-the prefix trans is a word-forming element which means “across, […]

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Why do we sabotage ourselves?!?! Change is scary. Change poses a huge threat to what is comfortable and familiar. Change creates a new awareness and new perspective. It can feel like you’re facing a death. You either face the death of what you just learned you want. Or you face the death of who you’ve […]

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Transform Your Life Project #21

When you are in the process of making big changes it often helps to start over.  You need to uproot the weeds and some of the existing plants.  Sir up some dirt and mix it with good soil.  Create a new environment that is conducive to growth.  Release the old ways and worn out ideologies […]

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Transform Your Life Project #20

This week was educational for me.  I learned how to sit with my decisions.  It was not easy.  I spent the entire week feeling down and unhappy with myself.  I have learned that I do not deal with stress or uncertainty very well and often times I stay in place because I know what to […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #48

Congratulations!  We have made it through another Monday!  I have grown to like Mondays over the course of these past two months because it is a day that I don’t have an evening class.  It is nice to gradually ease into my classes each week. How was your day?  My day was pretty busy.  I […]

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