An Open Letter To My Abuser

You were 5 years older than I am today and this was 10 years ago… 10 years ago I was in such a delicate place in my mental state.¬† I started college the day I turned 18 and up until that point I had never kissed anyone or gone on a single date.¬† My first […]

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Happiness Is…

Travel + Adventure + New Sights + New Sounds + A Warm Bed Away from the Pouring Down Rain + A Good Cup of Tea + Creativity + Technology + Salty Golden French Fries + Silent Sex + Getting Lost + Finding Our Way + New Friends + City Lights + Driving Over Bridges at […]

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Living The Dream

I had a dream last night that you were back… Bright smile. ¬†Sparkle in your eyes. ¬†Mind full of stories to share… I felt joyful and happy. ¬†This is what I had been daydreaming about all these years… ¬†That someday you would return to me. There you were. ¬†So Alive. ¬† So Vibrant. ¬†So Real. […]

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Daily Prompt: AUTONOMY

Autonomy and Independence doesn’t mean standing alone. ¬†It is making the CHOICE to stand on your own. It has taken me awhile to personally get to this point, but today I can confidently say that I can see it, say it, and fully believe it. I used to think that Autonomy meant that you had […]

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