For The Very 1st Time…

There is something magical about doing something for the very 1st time.  A cocktail of emotions from excitement and nervousness to overwhelming anxiety, vulnerability, and downright fear.  In that moment we decide to be brave and experience something brand new. Most people who know me know that I love to dance and more specifically I  […]

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I am in town for school and have had my heart absolutely set on becoming a dance fitness instructor. I joined a gym this past summer and decided to really take my weight loss journey seriously.  The thing I missed the most about my new city was taking dance fitness classes.  Anything from Zumba and […]

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Remain Open To Possibilities

I am still waking up and sipping on my coffee with a dab of butter.  Today’s the day!  I get to go to a dance fitness licensing workshop and the best part is that I get to go with my instructor April who helped me get a scholarship. 4 years ago April and I took […]

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Workout and Word of the Day: #76

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I am thrilled that I have found a morning routine that gives me something to look forward to!  Now I need to work on my nights.  Because without a sleeping aid, I just have not been getting any sleep.  I want to fix my sleep schedule before winter quarter starts […]

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Transposing Poetry Into Dance

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! This morning I slept through my alarm and missed ballet class… Well, I could have decided to wake up.  My whole world wanted me to wake up.  There was Alleyjandra purring by my face and circling me.  Then lightly licking and sometimes nibbling at my toes.  Then Ruby would pop […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #26

Great job everyone!  We have made it through another Monday!  I woke up early enough to make a spinach, blueberry, and raspberry smoothie.  I think tomorrow I will add an apple.  I also made it through today without caffeine!  Unfortunately, I am still getting headaches.  Tonight I am drinking ginger tea and I am going […]

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