The People Finder That Works

When I was little I used to read magazines and loved the last few pages on which you could find a pen pal.  I had different pen pals for different hobbies.  Megan was my horse lover pen pal and Monica was my best friend pen pal that I knew from private school.  We would send […]

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Leave the Pieces On the Floor

Maybe the worst part is that I have been here before… Feeling like my hopes and dreams are crushed into pieces on the floor.  As I pick up the pieces I see memories.  Happy memories, sad memories, times of growth, grand adventures, and hopes for the future. Maybe it is a good thing that I […]

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I Took Myself Out On A Date

It was a tradition I started many years ago the first weekend after a major break-up / heartbreak.  I was devastated and I also had to attend my first weekend long swim coach clinic.  Looking back, I think that was a good thing because it helped to take my mind off of being sad temporarily. […]

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The Day After the Break-up

The day after the break-up is usually the hardest.  You cried yourself to sleep the night before and woke up with a heavy heart and that disconnected feeling.  Like your head is somewhere else floating and you are trudging through your day barely making it. Last night I broke up with my makeup and this break up […]

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