Feeling Restless…

Is it wrong to want to make oxtail stew when it is 83 degrees outside?  I guess it is similar to going to a pho restaurant in the summer time.  I am going to go for it.  I picked up some fresh oxtails last night and my veggies are all cut and ready. I know […]

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Bored, Boring, Both?

I usually hate the whole concept of boredom and have always said in the past that “you are only bored when you are being boring.”  I was simply too busy to be bored (and that is probably the key.) The truth is that right now I am bored.  And it is not from lack of […]

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Realization Station

I have always enjoyed the meditative aspect of exercise.  For over a decade, swimming and playing music was my meditation.  I loved how my flipturns changed my perspective and allowed me to see the world upside down for a moment in time.  I think when I was a young swimmer, I spent a lot of […]

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Self-Care Sunday #3

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! How was your weekend?  I had a good weekend and took both Saturday and Sunday off from working out.  My new workout format is challenging and I am glad that I decided to rest and recover. On Saturday afternoon, my heart felt so full.  I am just a quarter and […]

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Simply Anxiety…

Have you ever met someone for lunch then choked on an egg salad sandwich as they walked you through a mindfulness exercise? “Let’s sit here with out talking and savor each bite.  Chew slowly and enjoy.” Well, it turns out that they could chew and savor more quickly than I could and I sat there […]

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Onto the Next Adventure!

I spend a lot of time thinking through scenarios.  I Lose sleep imagining all the ways that things could go wrong.  And often experience the paralysis of feeling overwhelmed. I felt myself losing sleep over it just last night and I have to say that it is a bad habit.  Maybe it is a slight […]

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