2 am – Noon

My schedule has been crazy these days and it has been affecting my mind and morale.  I have been sleeping from 2 am to noon so I am staying awake into the night and by the time I wake up, the day is halfway gone.  And I guess this causes me to miss out on […]

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Now What?

My 20’s were so full of struggles.  Struggling to make it.  Struggling to find my voice.  Struggling to afford life.  Struggling to recover and heal from PTSD.  Struggling with heartache.  Struggling to find love.  Health issues.  Growing pains.  It was a tumultuous decade and I was terrified of what my 30’s would be like. I […]

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What’s The Point?…

I have written in a journal for years and was so proud of the volumes of life stories that I wrote.  I remember back in 2011 when I decided to stop censoring my journals because I wanted to look back and remember exactly what it was like to be 23 years old. I looked forward […]

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Realization Station

I have always enjoyed the meditative aspect of exercise.  For over a decade, swimming and playing music was my meditation.  I loved how my flipturns changed my perspective and allowed me to see the world upside down for a moment in time.  I think when I was a young swimmer, I spent a lot of […]

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