Transform Your Life Project: #23

This past week I procrastinated for a couple of days before I finally finished my homework problems for Statistics and now the class is finally finished. I think this quote is absolutely true.  Often times the things we try our hardest to avoid are the very things that will move us forward and help us […]

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Fit or Fat?

I am practicing the art of awareness.  Now when I crave a certain food, snack, or drink, I ask myself:  “Was I fit or fat when I used to eat (or drink) a lot of this?”  That has been just enough incentive for me to drive right past the drive-thrus without looking back… Today, I […]

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Oops I Forgot the Bananas!

I brewed my green tea and added a spritz of lemon.  Then I made my breakfast smoothie this morning and I was sure that I already had the recipe memorized. Breakfast smoothie: 1 cup raspberries 1/4 cup spinach 1 cup water 1 tbsp ground Flax 1 tbsp almond butter Then I realized that I forgot […]

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