Rejoice Because Thorns Have Roses

“You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses.” “Beautiful Flower” India Arie “Now we’re moving from the darkness into the light This is the defining moment of our lives ‘Cause you’re beautiful like a flower More valuable than a diamond You are powerful like a fire You can […]

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Daily Prompt: Jump

If you find an opportunity to jump then go for it!  I do recommend jumping feet first though…  Safety 1st, right?!?!   I like to call them calculated risks or a “leap of faith.” There is something rejuvenating and uplifting about jumping. Grab a jump rope if you need to then jump away!!!   via […]

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Daily Prompt: Stylish

There is nothing more stylish than being Totally, Completely, and Apologetically YOU! You have a radiant sparkle that is your very own.  And you will carry it from birth until you are grown. Not everyone will like you and that is okay.  Live your LIFE OUT LOUD no matter what they say! Be REAL.  Be […]

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Transform You Life Project: #31

Right now I feel overjoyed because I completed my first official website task.  I created the catalogue / inventory site for a furniture store’s website.  I really enjoyed it because it gave me practice in navigating through my computer.  I also really enjoyed feeling like I was building something.  At times the job was a […]

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Daily Prompt: Maybe

Maybe carries a world-full of possibilities. It is neither a clear yes nor a resounding no.  It is that place in between. The place we go when we are indecisive and unsure… Maybe I will get in shape…  Maybe I will get my degree…  Maybe I will get a good grade…  Maybe I will travel […]

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Day 3- 3 Day Quote Challenge

RULES FOR THE QUOTE CHALLENGE 1.Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2.Post 1-3 quotes a day for 3 consecutive days. 3.Nominate 3 bloggers each day. Hello Everyone!  I would like to thank my friend, Eddaz, for nominating me for this “Three Day Quote Challenge!  We have reached day 3!!!  It is non-consecutive, but I am happy […]

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Daily Prompt: NIGHTMARE

Nightmares happen at night in the middle of your sleep.  I believe that they mirror our fears…  You are supposed to be peaceful and at rest, but instead you are faced with demons and in some cases running for your life.  You wake up in tears, restless, and shaken up by the nightmare. Once I […]

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