This is a time of transition for me.  I need to remember to embrace the changes rather than hide from them. My worries and fears are paralyzing and keep me from being my best.  Time to get started I have had enough time to rest. Advertisements

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Transform Your Life Project: #15

ACADEMICALLY, things were better than they have Ever been and everything went smoothly.  I was prepared for my classes and could go in feeling confident and prepared.  It is nice that my efforts throughout the weekend payed off.  I think it also helped that I was in the first presentation group in my Statistics class. […]

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Cravings To Curb

I am happy to say that I fully embraced taking some time off from working out.  I took a complete week off and then last week I did some workouts, but I was more away than there.  Hopefully I will go back feeling strong and energized. One thing that I have noticed is that my […]

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Moving Forward

Moving is a big change and I am finding it challenging not to be overwhelmed and stressed.  Feeling this way does not help me in any way it just makes me tired and adds weight to problems that do not even have to exist. I am deciding right here and now to reframe my thinking. […]

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