The Ones That Got Away…

Dealing with loss has given me a chance to take a step back and think about life… We all have our hopes, dreams, and plans and we hope that we will have enough time to make plans to turn those dreams into cans. That is a bit of a run-on sentence, but it feels real […]

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I Had To Take A Liger Nap

Usually it is called a cat nap, but I looked up the “biggest cat” and according to google it is a liger. It was a hectic week, but also an amazing week too.  We had lots of assignments at school and I made it a point to stay active.  I was proud of the fact […]

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Angels Along the Way

Our lives are blessed with angels along the way, but sometimes those angels are not meant to stay.  They are there for us when we need them the most and they help us through those snapshots in time.  Don’t be sad when it’s over be glad that it happened ❤ Sometimes the reality of life […]

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The Love Of Your Life Will Make You Want To Punch Yourself In The Throat Sometimes

Look CatlaogLove isn’t a one-way ticket to Happily Ever After because there is no such place. There is no magical land where everyone gets along all the time—where clarity arrives just in time to prevent people from saying and doing nasty things. Where couples are protected from each other and from the world at large. Where… […]

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Goodbye July!

July was a complex month that flew by in a matter of days…  At least that is how it felt!  I do know that I am not quite ready for the end of summer to be here.  It feels unreal that August has already started.  Luckily, I have about 2 months until my fall classes […]

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