Remember WHY You Started

Spend a little time everyday working towards your goals.  And on those days when you don’t feel like doing anything, take some time to remember WHY you started. Life has been a little hectic lately.  We are approaching the middle of the quarter at school.  Pressures are rising and the homework load is being piled […]

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Playing With Patterns

I am learning to take less of an “all-or-nothing” approach to my life.  I tried to make that work for over a decade and it just stressed me out and made me sick.  This is the year that I think that reality finally clicked. I am learning to play with patterns and observe how they […]

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Consistency Is Key

September was crazy and chaotic and I sure enjoyed the ride! I can hardly believe that there are only 3 months left in 2018.  It has been an amazing year and I am ready to finish strongly! Last October I was a total mess who let stress get the best of me.  I ended up […]

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I Don’t Want To Slow Down

3 weeks ago I was working. 2 weeks ago I was packing. 1 week ago I was moving then flying. This week I started school.. On Monday I ran 13 different errands. I had a headache for 4 days.  When that went away I caught a head cold that is lingering and today my stomach […]

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I Can’t Stand the Rain!

Is it just me or has it been extra rainy these past few months? I caught myself feeling a little down and wondering if it was depression then I realized that it had rained for 3 weeks (maybe even longer) nonstop.  Sometimes a consistent flow of rain does amplify the winter blues.  I am pretty […]

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Workout and Word of the Day: #80

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I haven’t been hitting the workouts very hard lately because I have been trying to get my mind right.  Today was Day 21 out of 30 Days of Yoga!!!  I have also been meditating everyday. This past fall quarter, I finally fully accepted the fact that I am terrible at […]

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