All the sad things…

Heartbreak.  Heartache.  Sickness. Suffering.  Pain.  Anger. Disagreements. Shame. Grief.  Anguish.  Broken.  Accidents.  Tears. Lost.  Loss.  Unraveling.  Frustration.  Deterioration.   Tragedy.  Diseases.  Fear.  Regrets. Longing.  Prolonging.   Grudges. Jealousy.  Envy.  Incomplete.  Incompatible.  Unreliable.  Final goodbyes.  No goodbyes.  Gone…    

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Beautifully Broken

It’s the worst feeling… When a person knows you so well that they understand your strengths and weaknesses and choose to focus on the  flaws. The flaws give us character and are signs of having soul. But when those flaws are revealed and and brought into the light, it hurts.  It hurts to feel the […]

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I Miss My Sis

We had long heart-to-hearts and went on many grand adventures. I could always count on you to be on my side and we would help each other by talking through things. You also have an amazing sense of style and flair.  And when we grew tired of talking we could always run through the pain […]

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Why Do the People We Love Leave?

I thought love was timeless, unconditional, powerful, and everlasting.  I thought love could heal, bring hope, joy, and warmth…  How can something so beautiful and pure cause so much pain?  Why do the people we love the most hurt us? You could spend years feeling nearly inseparable with a soul then one day they just […]

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Is There a Price to be Nice?

I am trying to wrap my mind around the concept of, “it’s probably because you’re so nice.” When people turn mean and bitter. When friends shut me out without even giving me an explanation. When family and friends take me for granted. When I end up falling for a jerk once again. When I feel […]

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We Get the Love We Accept.

I hate when I am doing just fine and then someone comes into my life and rocks my world for better or worse.  I was doing my own damn thing.  I wasn’t looking, they found me, things are great for two months then I find myself caring and wondering… I want to know what’s important […]

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