My Blog is Probably Sad

My WordPress blog is probably sad right now because I have been gone for so long… I definitely think about writing everyday, but life has been full, lately. I have a wonderful morning routine that involves rising early, getting coffee, getting my workout out of the way, then getting to work. At some interval throughout […]

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2020 Happiness Project Week #22

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! It feels so good to be here more often! This week had its ups and downs, but definitely more ups than downs. Many of the downs were feelings more than anything else and thankfully, feelings change. I might have mentioned last week that we adopted over 50 quails. We live […]

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To Be More Do More

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Lots of exciting 1 year anniversaries are coming up this week. Like our 1 year of living in Hawaii! Last night I saw a post that said, “They say you can never do as much as you thought in one year. But you can do way more than you know […]

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May Day

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I am here in the spirit of spending more time here, but I honestly don’t have a post planned.  Just wanted to stop by and say hello. What have you been up to? How did you spend your time in quarantine? Are you still in a lockdown state? As far […]

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Still Here

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I have been very much out of the picture in this blog-world these days so I just wanted to pop in and say “Aloha!” Life has been wonderful and I have been in high spirits.  I still go through those ups and down emotion-wise, but it is easy to slip […]

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Feel the Rain

Do you feel the rain?  Get wet?  Or both? We get a daily rain here in Hawaii and I am more thankful for it than ever.  I weeded the strip in our front yard that has the palm trees and then we covered it with soil and planted seeds for veggies.  We also planted seedlings […]

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