As The Dust Settles…

Moving and making major life changes shakes things up a bit.  And now as the dust settles, I can see that I have become a little sloppy…  The laundry gets done, but not always put away.  I am staying up later and sleeping in.  Spending more time trying to “capture all the precious moments” with […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #76!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Today was an eventful day!  It was my graduation ceremony day, but I was not there on campus.  Instead, I was surprised with 2 adorable little kittens to adopt.  Their names are King Puffleton and Meowloree Mayweather and they are absolutely adorable! I went for two walks, but did not […]

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May 2019 Recap

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Wow!  We have made it through 5 complete months of this year.  I spent all week feeling indecisive about whether or not I wanted to do a recap of this month.  Now that I have the first week of June under my belt; I think I will talk about May […]

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My Summer 2019 Bucketlist

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I am getting excited about spending summer in a brand new place.  A place where I can live out my dreams and explore more of my hobbies! I have been so busy getting settled and cramming for finals that time is escaping me a little.  I guess it is a […]

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Outside My Window

The air is crisp and the leaves are shimmery with the dew of morning. The coqui frogs have gone to bed and been replaced by the sweet song of birds. The sky is wavering between hiding the sunshine behind the clouds and rays of light sneaking quick glances through soft billowy cushions. I understand the […]

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