Living My BEST Life

This fall I have been stepping outside of myself and my comfort zone. I am taking those dance classes and doing the things that I have always wanted to do. I am asking questions in class when in the past I used to be too shy. And for those times that I do not know […]

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Daily Prompt: Struggle

Struggle #thestruggleisreal There is so much that I want to do and accomplish.  There are places that I want to go.  I want to feel fit, confident, beautiful, and strong.  I want to understand things at an intelligible level. I sit down to study then I hear tumbling down the stairs and two sets of […]

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Statistical and Critical Thinking

The word statistics is derived from the Latin word status (meaning “state”). Early uses of statistics involved compilations of data and graphs describing various aspects of a state or country.  (Triola 5) Definitions: Data– are collections of observations, such as measurements, genders, or survey responses. Statistics– is the science of planning studies and experiments; obtaining data; and […]

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What Seems Impossible IS Possible

This not only applies to workouts and athletics it applies to life. This quote gives me hope especially as I am back in school  and struggling to understand various concepts.  When I review all that I have studied everything sounds familiar and I remember studying each concept in depth and being able to eventually solve […]

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