Workout and Word of the Day #103

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Yesterday was an exceptionally wonderful day.  A dear friend of mine came to visit me and it was the first time we have seen each other in the past 8 years.  We made coffee and talked and visited for hours.  It turned out that all of my nervousness and anxiety […]

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A Love For All Seasons

Last summer I was in Maine.   Last fall in my hometown in Washington State.  Winter and some spring in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Spring back in my home town.  Summer in Hawaii.  This fall in paradise… This has been a year to remember.  It started last June when we made the decision to turn 30 in a new place.  I know I […]

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My Summery Summer Summary

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Summer of 2019 was a summer to remember!  I moved to one of my dream destinations and we got a beautiful property that checked off so many items on my wish list.  Big life changes like a move are exciting and exhilarating and they come with their own sets of […]

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More Than A Feeling

I have a great feeling about today and this week!  Maybe it is the coffee, but I believe that it is more than a feeling. I felt groggy when I woke up this morning, but once the coffee started to kick in I turned on some upbeat music and got to work.  Now I have […]

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Life Has No Ctrl + Z

Good ol’ Ctrl + Z has saved my butt in so many ways and I probably use it dozens of times a day. It is a saving grace when I accidentally delete something important or things randomly disappear. I would absolutely love it if life had ctrl + Z, but if it did I would […]

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I wish there was an easy way to say it, but the words got in the way. I wanted to go, but chose to stay. And when it came down to it there was nothing left to say.

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Workout and Word of the Day #20

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I stayed up late last night then slept in this morning.  I think I underestimated my cold weather abilities yesterday.  I wore shorts and a sweater to lunch and when I went for a late-night walk I did not wear enough layers and was freezing. I thought I would be […]

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January Through the Years

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! January is coming to a close and I think it is good timing!  The first half of the month (and the beginning of this year) felt a little rocky.  I was in the process of moving and major life changes.  I also think that it felt like a bit of […]

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