I Am Taking 2 Weeks Off

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! About a week ago I gave myself “permission” to take a week off from working out.  I have been so consistent since January, but noticed that I was putting so much pressure on myself and being unkind.  This Monday I decided that 2 weeks will not hurt.  This is a […]

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Self-Care Sunday #3

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! How was your weekend?  I had a good weekend and took both Saturday and Sunday off from working out.  My new workout format is challenging and I am glad that I decided to rest and recover. On Saturday afternoon, my heart felt so full.  I am just a quarter and […]

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Makeup Shelf Life

In the spirit of spring cleaning; let’s talk about makeup.  Whether we would like to believe it or not makeup does have a shelf life and hanging on to makeup for too long can have harsh consequences.  The product may reformulate and bacteria will begin to grow. The last thing I need is for my […]

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Workout and Word of the Day: #41

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! September is here at last!  I absolutely love the fall season and am happy that it is almost here.  Today I did a short workout, but I made it count!!! Workout of the Day: PILATES! Here is a 30 minute fat burning pilates workout.  I recommend using lighter weights for […]

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Eating Clean: Day #5

I am absolutely loving the “Melt Down” phase of my clean eating program.  I am also overjoyed because this is the very best I have Ever done at sticking with a meal plan without ANY deviation.  I am Really doing this to the book!!! Breakfast: Banana Shake Snack: Pomegranate Blueberry Salad Lunch: Spring Sauerkraut Salad w/ Thermo […]

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Eating Clean: Day #1

I love counting, making lists and checking things off, countdowns, stats, charts, journals, and any way of keeping track of the progress I have made.  You have probably noticed it from some of my other posts.   This time around, I am finally going to clean up my eating.  It has been heartbreaking to watch […]

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Weekly Weight-loss Update:#2

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! This has been a busy week!  It is my 3rd week of winter quarter, my boyfriend, his friend and I built this super cool wall, AND on Tuesday I rescued a Brand new baby kitten named Carl!  On Wednesday we dropped Christopher’s friend off at the airport, and yesterday I was in […]

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Tits, Lips, & Hips

Tits, Lips, & Hips. Why can’t you see that there is WAY more depth to me than the pieces that you see?!?!?! Do you ever feel like the size of your tits, lips, and hips are over emphasized in society?  There is so much focus on our looks and outer appearance and clothes are becoming […]

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