2020 Happiness Project Week #31

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! For the last 60+ days, Sundays have been my rest day (from workouts). When I looked at my workout schedule it almost looked like yesterday got shifted to the rest day and today was a working day. I was a little bummed because I have grown to love rest days; […]

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I’ve Been Away From Here…

I’ve been away from here, but much more present in real life. This is a blessing because usually it is the other way around… During this time of year (right before my birthday) I used to struggle to stay present and I would write posts in this blog to ground myself in the present moment. […]

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2020 Happiness Project Week #29

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! This is indeed another “now or never moment.” I must write this weekly post now or it may never happen. I’m glad that I did not allow 2 weeks to pass this time around. Each week is no unique and it deserves to be documented. Hopefully, within the next 2 […]

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2020 Happiness Project Week #27

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Welcome to the weekly update of my life! While I thought about blogging throughout this week, life kept me fairly occupied. We are officially over the halfway hump of 2020 and this has been a bumpy year for the world. I will be content with posting a weekly update anything […]

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