Too Blessed to be Stressed

My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Everything is falling into place and now I feel ready to chase my next set of goals and dreams. It still feels so unreal to be in this beautiful place and I think this is a perfect place to make some dreams come true. I spent so many years […]

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My June to June Adventures

Last June we took 2 cars, 2 cats, and my sister and went on an epic roadtrip adventure from Washington State down to Jacksonville, Florida.  After 2 days we decided that city was not for us so we drove North until we got to Portland, Maine. I enjoyed my summer in Maine working at the […]

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May 2019 Recap

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Wow!  We have made it through 5 complete months of this year.  I spent all week feeling indecisive about whether or not I wanted to do a recap of this month.  Now that I have the first week of June under my belt; I think I will talk about May […]

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aMAYzing Changes Ahead

And just like that, May is coming to a close…  This has been an exciting month full of so many changes and with the changes comes some stress, but it has all been worth-it.  A year ago, I thought I was moving to Portland, Oregon which would have been a simple move.  Little did I […]

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