Let’s clean out some cobwebs!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Lately, I have been very focused and productive. I started working again and have managed to also keep up with a workout routine. I am definitely more productive when I have more to do. I have even managed to blog more consistently, but lately my posts have been fairly formal […]

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Clean and Clear To-Do-List!

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I hope you are enjoying your week!  It got off to a rocky start for me and for no real reason.  I was just feeling a little off… I keep hearing that a planet has been in retrograde.  Luckily this week keeps on getting better and better for me.   It […]

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I Long For A Life With Less…

We live in a culture of MORE. Get the Maximum value. MORE bang for your buck. Do MORE be MORE. I long for a life with less… Minimal distractions. Minimal possessions that causes less clutter. Live more stress less. Travel further by carrying less… Be pulled in less directions with a clearer direction. Love the […]

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