Keep Standing Tall

Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall If you are strong you cannot fall There is a voice inside us all So smile when you can When you can Just thought I would share a little inspiration this morning. Be Real.  Be True.  Be You. ❤ Alana

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It Feels A Lot Like Monday

It is cold, dark, wet, and rainy.  I do not even have to be at school until tomorrow, but I am waking up to go to the gym for an 8 am workout! I have been off track for the past 3 weeks and am trying not to feel discouraged. On Saturday night I desperately […]

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Please & Thank you

Love and cherish the people who encourage and support you on your journey.  Allow the haters and the skeptics to motivate you! You will meet all sorts of people on this journey.  There will be the people who uplift and inspire you every step of the way.  You will find teachers and mentors who give […]

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Make Adjustments Accordingly

At the beginning of this fall quarter, I did my workouts before class and I gave up coffee.  Times have changed a little since then and I have decided to shift.  This is my 2nd week of intermittent fasting and I started a keto way of eating.  As a result, I decided to start drinking […]

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Consistency Over Intensity

“Consistency Over Intensity.” This has been my latest mantra (that I came up with a few days ago) and it is serving me well.  I have been known to jump onto fitness bandwagons and go hard for about 2 weeks then fall off and fall back into old habits. This mad cycle was becoming so […]

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Write Just Because

I have had a journal since I was young.  I remember when my mom got me my 1st one and encouraged me to write about what happened that day.  I would recount the events of the day and even draw pictures.  I loved the feeling of sharing my story. This ritual continued in my teens […]

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