I wanted to do something special to remember this 02/02/2020 palindrome day so I got myself a guitar. I have been aching to play an instrument lately and I was hoping to pick up something I have never played before like the harp or the cello.  I almost bought a cello twice since landing on […]

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Play Me a Melody

I will pluck out all my doubts, fears, and insecurities like dead leaves on a plant. Let’s pluck out the items that no longer serve us and win this war against clutter. Walk up to the piano and pluck a melody that brings joy to your heart. ❤   Pluck

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Daily Prompt: Clumsy

We get clumsy when we are trying to do something… Walk to school, then the ground collapsed beneath me.  Clumsy. Icy road then slip and land on my back just to see the starry night sky.  Clumsy. Met the man of my dreams then got all tongue – tied and weak in the knees.  Clumsy. […]

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Transform Your Life Project #17

I am trying to pick out a song for my performance project.  Here is the list I have so far.  Which song should I sing?  Comment below to share your choice! “Candle on the Water”: “My Favorite Things”: “I Could Have Danced All Night” : I let an entire week go by without posting on […]

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Wake Up!

“No more backward thinking time for thinking ahead… The world won’t get no better if we just let it be.  We got to change it.  You and Me.” Every minute is a moment we cannot get back.  We can be instrumental in each others lives by spreading positivity and inspiration.  You can make a beautiful […]

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