Is it bad to want more?

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Doesn’t 2020 have a nice ring to it?  We have just 5 days left in 2019 and I would like to spend this time organizing my life and letting go of the baggage I have been dragging along.  This last decade from 2010-now has been very heavy, but also full […]

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Let Them Judge You…

This one is challenging, but it is another opportunity for me to practice letting go. I try not to worry about the opinions of strangers (within reason I still want to be respected), but it hurts when my family judges me. I wish that my mom would stop gossiping about me and my life’s choices (yes, […]

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Aggressive Overload

This place will test you in many ways.  It will either rip apart your relationships or bring you together and help you grow stronger.  It is worth all the trials, challenges, and tribulations if you can handle it. I knew what I wanted when I looked for this place.  I wanted acreage in an agricultural […]

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Breakdown now breakthrough

Last night I had an awful breakdown.  The kind of break you feel in the midst of a breakup or a loss.  When your legs shake uncontrollably, your back and body feels hot, and you cry yourself to sleep…Only to wake up and burst into more tears. I woke up still feeling sad and almost […]

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Blurry Vision & Broken Dreams

I packed up 2 years of my 22 year old life into two bags and caught a cab to the airport.  I remember crossing the golden gate bridge and my vision was blurry from the tears. I had spent the past 2 years with black eyes and bruises trying to just “fix myself” but had […]

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