Under Pressure

I’m feeling a weird sense of pressure.  As if I am under scrutiny.  In reality, my everyday life hasn’t changed a whole lot.  I can still work from home and I am thankful that our businesses our doing well even during these uncertain times. The biggest difference is having the permission to stay home and […]

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Begin Again

Each day is a new opportunity to begin again.  So forgive yourself for yesterday (if necessary), close out the days of the past, and start making the memories that you want to last. ❤

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Tea of the Day: Wu Wei

I am going to start doing things that make me happy again.  One of my joys in life is enjoying a good cup of tea.  Last night we went to a Thai restaurant and I chose a tea that is new to me it is called “Wu Wei”  It was a nice compliment to a […]

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Peace not Stress

Life has a tendency to get hectic, busy, and sometimes chaotic.  Somehow we manage to pull it together and sparkle through the haze.  Other or often times we go through life in a daze.  This process keeps going until we either choose to stop or something in life stops us. It could be illness, tragedy, […]

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Don’t worry… Give it to God

This is such a wonderful reminder. It is my “lock screen” on my phone. I have a long history of worrying and I finally realized that the worrying never made the situation better. Many times things would not turn out the way I worried they would. Of course I still do worry a little here […]

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