Mid-term Week of Senior Year

Mid-term week of Senior year I can’t believe it’s finally here! Fall quarter is usually my roughest quarter at school at least historically.  I think that every year I had a class on campus I got super sick and fell behind and found myself just barely treading water by week #5…  Correction…  Drowning! This year […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #19

I felt way more motivated today and was actually looking forward to my workout!  After work, I wrote in my journal and expressed my concerns about school.  It was like a heart-to-heart with myself.  A true “Let’s Just Be Honest.  Let’s Just BE REAL” kind of talk.  It was brutal, but it was what I […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #6

I haven’t solved my Java problem yet, but I will dedicate tomorrow to figuring it out and by my next post tomorrow evening I will have it solved.  Usually when I cannot figure something out I ask for help pretty early in the process especially when it comes to computers.  In the past, I have […]

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