You Take Me The Way I Am

We enter a room hoping to change things.  I wish the lighting was different, the floor was softer, the teacher could speak up and be easier to understand.  It’s cold in here.  Too hot right now. We fall in love and find ourselves wanting to change them.  I wish she would listen!  Why can’t he […]

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

Why do we sabotage ourselves?!?! Change is scary. Change poses a huge threat to what is comfortable and familiar. Change creates a new awareness and new perspective. It can feel like you’re facing a death. You either face the death of what you just learned you want. Or you face the death of who you’ve […]

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Self Care

I spent some time studying.   My sister and I got ice cream cones and went for a walk in the rain. I ate a big bowl of soup for dinner with a cup of peppermint tea…  And a couple of thin mints for dessert. I will take Ruby out for a walk. Then I […]

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This Is A “Rest Test”

Sometimes it feels like it is more challenging to rest and recover than to workout and keep pushing.  I worry that if I take a step back; I won’t come back. In a sense, my concern may be somewhat justified because in the past a day off has turned into months off.  I don’t want […]

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Run It!

I have been feeling so down on myself and my body lately.  I know that running does wonders for my mind and body so I am going to go out and do that. I won’t worry about speed.  I won’t worry about how I look.  I will just run and be happy.

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