I need to chill…

I have been super tightly wound and stressed for reasons that really aren’t valid. I also need to catch up on blog posts, but I am going to try not to stress about that right now. I should also look to see what my focus for the month of February is supposed to be… I […]

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Workout and Word of the Day #42

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! I have missed you all.  I  hope you are all staying healthy and safe.  At least we have made it through the first round of quarantine.  I haven’t been doing many traditional workouts, but I have been active with yard work and walks.  I have successfully started my days with […]

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2020 Happiness Project Week #9

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! It has only been a few days since we covered the last few weeks, but I have felt a dramatic shift in my energy since then.  This week I felt frustrated, angry, and even a little enraged… Nothing earth shattering happened, but I did let some things get under my […]

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Pause and Grind

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! If it seems like I have been away lately, I definitely have been.  I am starting to see that I can do a lot, but I do not have to do everything all the time.  I have been working on being more mentally flexible and by this I mean less […]

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