I Long For A Life With Less…

We live in a culture of MORE. Get the Maximum value. MORE bang for your buck. Do MORE be MORE. I long for a life with less… Minimal distractions. Minimal possessions that causes less clutter. Live more stress less. Travel further by carrying less… Be pulled in less directions with a clearer direction. Love the […]

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Daily Prompt: Empty

Empty I think that the word empty often gets a bad stigma.  Similarly to the word “alone.”  I felt so alone and empty…  I used to feel this way very often and I thought it was a bad thing because I was so afraid of being alone.  I would be left alone with myself and […]

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Happiness Project Week 13

This new month and springtime presents an opportunity for me to do some spring cleaning and stress less.  I think for now my goal is to just get through this spring break week at work.  I am sure things will be hectic and tomorrow will be extra long.  I feel comforted in knowing that I […]

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