Workout and Word of the Day: #68

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed and unsure about what kind of workout you should do that you just say, “f it, I’ll just start tomorrow.”  Or, “I’m totally starting on Monday!” That’s been me for the past few weeks and in my case it is because there are so many possibilities even without a […]

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Thanksgiving Break To-Do-List

Hello My Friends! I have exactly a week off from school thanks to Thanksgiving break!  This week usually escapes me because it is always busy and time flies.  I want to start this week off with a game-plan so that I am efficient with my time and can get things done. Here is my Thanksgiving […]

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I Dropped the Ball

I have been feeling a little out of it lately… I cannot continue to use being sick as an excuse, but I am discouraged because it put me far behind.  I am determined not to quit or let go, but I am grasping to hang on for the next 4 weeks. Maybe it is the […]

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