The Ups, Downs, & All Arounds

This morning I came to some real realizations… I realized that… “Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.” -Tupac But I digress… For almost an entire year I have been feeling an unsettled tension in my heart. For the past few months I have been feeling down and depressed, but I could not quite put my finger […]

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Far From Home… New Zealand?!?!

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home. I am excited about  this prompt!  This one should be fun!!! Last August on my Birthday, my boyfriend got us both the ultimate birthday gift.  Our birthdays are almost exactly a month apart (same year).  He got us tickets to New Zealand!!! It had been […]

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Ready Or Not

Ready or not, here I come, but what if I am more not than ready? Well, we are moving once again in the near future.  In fact it may be one of the biggest moves of my life.  I had planned for June 17th of 2017, but my travel plans have been moved to 5 […]

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Let’s Start Over

If you had the chance to start over, would you take it? If you could move to a new place and become someone new, would you do it? You would stay the same age and you would still be you, but you would be in a new place around new people who have never met […]

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Daily Prompt: TOURIST

You don’t have to travel the world to be a tourist. I guess the word tourist has both positive and negative associations. tourist- noun A person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. synonyms: vacationer, traveler, sightseer, visitor, backpacker, globetrotter, day-tripper, out-of-towner The dictionary definition makes it sound wonderful and romantic. I think […]

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Travel The World

What is one place you need to see to feel like your life is complete? I have always dreamed of traveling the world.  So I think that I need to see every continent at least once to feel like my life is complete.    

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