I used to be a little critical of it back when I was moving every 3 months, but it turns out that I get it too.  This sense of wanderlust. Today I want to go back to New Zealand. I loved exploring new places every single day and walking through tropical paths and miles on […]

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Daily Prompt: TOURIST

You don’t have to travel the world to be a tourist. I guess the word tourist has both positive and negative associations. tourist- noun A person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. synonyms: vacationer, traveler, sightseer, visitor, backpacker, globetrotter, day-tripper, out-of-towner The dictionary definition makes it sound wonderful and romantic. I think […]

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Travel The World

What is one place you need to see to feel like your life is complete? I have always dreamed of traveling the world.  So I think that I need to see every continent at least once to feel like my life is complete.    

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